Electric bikes: categories and prices



Before making a purchase, all the customers usually outline different kinds of purposes, such as cargo transportation, relaxing trips, trailrunning, mountain biking, descent from hills, driving around the house, driving food and transporting children, driving on roads, sand and snow (thick tires), tandems, hiking or trekking, travel (folding) and movement within the city limits. Depending on the purpose of the purchase, prices vary.


The lowest price limit is about $ 1000, but everybody who is interested in electric bikes, should pay attention to the crowd-raising campaign. Generally, they attract a lot of attention, offering basic models for $ 700. The price given usually includes $ 500 per bike and $ 200 for shipping.

Though, the experts are convinced that a person should not spend time and money  on a model cheaper than $ 1500. The reason is quite simple. It is disability to fix the throttle mechanism or find a replacement battery, because the standard turned out to be of poor quality. In some cases, bad batteries, which lacked an electronic control system to prevent overloads, even caused a fire after damage. However, if you need a repairment, it is not a problem to find out a good center, for instance, reparation velo paris 17 where you can have your vehicle been repaired up to the highest standards.

Approximately 4000 dollars is enough to receive a high-quality product of German engineering thought corresponding to all European standards with a 2-year guarantee and technical support. Such bikes have numerous peculiarities, such as intuitive control and pleasant appearance, and also equipped with integrated dynamometers, wings and risers.

The price for bicycles of this class can reach up to 7000 dollars for components of professional level. Although this cost can shock some people, it is not so far gone from the prices for professional level pedals.

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